Borrowed Light

Posted by Paulo Munera on

Just as this artwork posses no color but borrow all its light from the sun, the universe, the source. So yourself can. When you can’t see the colors in your life, even though they’re still there, but for a moment, for this time in your life you can too borrow light, draw in light from the source, which is infinite, it will forever shine on you and recharge you and reflect those colors, the textures, the intricates of your shape, of your body and of your soul projected outward, your heart, that you felt died and closed up and just become pale from experiencing so much pain, so it too can feed of this light, this spirit, this source and just let yourself and all that is you return and surrender to this source and let it fill you up with light and permeate your entirety and through your shapes and edges and sharpeneses and roughnesses some colors will appear, the ones that vibrate with the particular place and space in you, that vibration will create its hue and more on more colors will come out and you will feel yourself fill up with color and become aware of it again, as you were, but never understood, this time around color is you, is how you feel, is part of you, you know where it comes from and you feel how it becomes, how it is somehow born out of you of all your imperfections that create this prism that receives light from the source and reflects colorful light out into the world, your world around you.